Yesterday, I spent the day in Lidia’s class. After her math period in the morning, she had English with several of her groups. Her grade 6 group are creating a video where they are explaining a day in the life of a student. For this activity, they wrote a script of what they do at different times of the day and then filmed themselves around the school. The students were very engaged. It’s a great way for them to learn new vocabulary words.


After this class, it was the turn of the 3 year olds! As I mentioned in a previous post, kindergarten here starts when they are 3. In this class, Lidia does mostly songs with them where they learn their numbers, greetings and colours. They are already very good!

In the school, there are many displays of students’ work. Here are a few examples:

After school, Lidia and I traveled to Cuellar. This is the town that she grew up in. It is located about 60 km from Segovia. It has a population of about 10,000 people. In this town, we visited ‘’The Castle of Cuellar’’ which was built in the 11th century. Part of the castle has now been transformed into a school. It was once a palace for a Duke and then was turned into a military building.

Next to the castle are walls that were built in the medieval age. The walls extend for several hundredths of meters and there is now a path that you can walk on that takes you from one end to the other. On the path, you have a great view of the town and the castle. The walls were initially constructed for defense.

It was great to visit another historic town.

Today is already my last day in the classroom. Vacation begins for the teachers here tomorrow. They then start school again on April 17th. After school today, we are off to the city of Salamanca. Tomorrow morning, we are headed towards Portugal to spend a few days in Lisbon and its surroundings. This will be my final adventure on this trip before I head back to Jasper.

Thanks for reading!