We traveled from Salamanca to Lisbon yesterday morning and got to spend the entire day exploring and discovering the beautiful city of Lisbon.

On our way, the views were spectacular. The mountains, rivers, trees, farmlands… everything in a short drive. You could notice a real difference in the temperature as we headed south.

To get to the city, we crossed the ‘’25 de Abril Bridge’’ which is a historical bridge that very much resembles the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.


The driving is quite chaotic as the streets are extremely narrow in the city centre. Needless to say, we will be doing a lot of walking from now on. 🙂

When walking, we discovered an energetic city filled with beautiful sights, great restaurants and excellent entertainment. There is a lot of music on the streets. Given the excellent temperature, the outdoor areas of restaurants were full. There are also great markets along the way where you can find great European food and wine.

Today, we will continue to explore all the great things Lisbon has to offer.


Thanks for reading!