What a great 19 days it has been! I had the opportunity to visit 4 great countries and explore some of Europe’s finest. As I sit here at the London Gatwick airport reflecting on this trip, I am still in awe at the beauty and all of the places I got the opportunity to visit.

My final day in Lisbon was as great as the others. The weather was exceptional once again hovering around 30 degrees. We did a lot of walking trying to see as many of the city as we could. Once again, we discovered great monuments and buildings.

On Tuesdays and Saturdays of every week, there is a big market in the city. We were lucky to get to see this. It is a very cultural experience with locals selling antiquities, clothing, food and basically everything else. The market extends for over a kilometer on the streets of Lisbon and hundredths of merchants set up shop for the day. Thousands of people gather in search of great deals.

We then took the tram to explore other parts of the city. As you’ll see in the photos, the tram operates on the same roads as the cars and busses so it often is quite chaotic in the streets. Yesterday, a tourist mistakenly parked on the rail and the traffic was backed up until the car could be removed! The views from the tram are incredible as it goes through the entire city centre.

Finally, we visited the Estrela Basilica which is an amazing building that was built in the 18th century. In this area, we also had the chance to see the parliament of Portugal as well as a beautiful park.

Great country!